Split a Beer With Mom

Doug Smith in all his glory.


Here’s a story my beloved Uncle Doug told me about his Mom (my Grandma)

“In the spring and summer she spent a lot of her day out in the garden. Well, when I was in school I’d get home just about the time she was ready to crack a beer. Sometimes it was an Old Style (they call it “Pil” now) or Labatt’s light when it first came out but what she really loved was Olympia.

I’d get home after a hard day at elementary school and she’d send me into the house to get my little A&W root beer mug and she and I would sit on the deck and “spilt a beer”. Well not really because my wee mug only held a couple of sips.

When I was a little older the glass got bigger and we really would spilt a beer. It was our mother/son time and I remember it fondly.”

I love this image of a young guy hanging with his Mom, having a sip of her beer from his own tiny mug.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

You know this already.

Every brand’s newsletter and Facebook ad has been reminding you for the past 3 weeks.

Are we any better? Of course not.

There’s still time to order a Brewquet for delivery tomorrow.

Be like Doug, split a beer with your Mom.


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