Sure, flowers are nice. But, let’s face it, they’re not always appropriate. You know someone that prefers a cold one on the patio over a handful of daisies. That’s where Brewquet comes in. Tastefully curated collections featuring craft beer and superior local goods. Rest assured, buying a Brewquet is simple but the gesture is grand.

We believe in sourcing local goods first and foremost. Our hunt for product starts with our neighbours. If we can’t find what we’re looking for locally, we expand our search first provincially and then nationally before buying international goods. Currently 85% of our products are local and 95% are Canadian.

Maybe some people just want to watch the world burn but you won’t find us among them. We like this world and taking care of it is important. The paper crinkles we use are made from recycled paper and our burlap wrap is biodegradable. Additionally, 93% of our products and all their components are recyclable. We’ve got a code and we stand by it.

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or send us an email at brewquet@gmail.com