The Thing About Dads

Here’s the thing about Dads.


They carried you on their shoulders.

They threw you way too high in the air.

But they always caught you.

Unless you were in a pool…

Then they’d let you splash on in.


Dads make bad jokes.

Or great jokes…I guess that’s a matter of opinion.


Dads help you with homework.

Help you colour inside the lines.

Help you learn when it’s time to say “forget the lines, I’m colouring here.”


When you move homes or apartments or basement suites,

If they’re able, Dads will pack boxes and lift furniture.

Sometimes they lift things they have no business lifting and throw their backs out.

Throwing your back out is such a Dad thing.


What I’m trying to say is, Dads celebrate you.

They celebrate by throwing, joking, colouring and lifting.


That’s the thing about Dads.

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