A Confession of Love

Hello my only friends.

Love is in the air. Valentines day is coming up quickly and if you haven’t found someone to spend the beautiful day with yet… well I dunno, It might be too late. I certainly would be a little freaked out if a stranger wanted to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with me in about a weeks time. Anyway, if you were planning on springing some love on an unsuspecting potential partner there’s no better way than bribing them with some professionally curated craft beer as a lovingly arranged gift. May I suggest Brewquet? You’re already on the website so I assume you’re at least interested.

Contractually obligated promotions aside I really am excited for this coming Valentine’s Day. Despite my notorious cynicism, I have decided to attempt to put aside my reservations about this stupid holiday and celebrate it in earnest. It may have started as nothing more than an extremely transparent attempt by the church to supersede the pagan holiday of Lupercalia (A much cooler holiday, I’ll tell you about it sometime) but it transformed into something else over the years; an even more brazen attempt by capitalist society to replace the solum remembrance of some guy that burned to death with pink and red drenched excuse to sell chocolate, flowers and little greeting cards covered in hearts. Wait, no, be positive dummy. It has transformed into an excellent opportunity to express sincere affection for someone you care about in a socially acceptable and encouraged environment. Unlike the rest of the year when these kind of broad romantic gestures can be seen as annoying, cheesy or even creepy, Valentine Day is a weird opposite day when we are expected to show over the top affection because big business told us we have to.

Sorry, I just said I was going to try to be a little less cynical this year. I have a good reason to try and take it a little more seriously this time around. Yep ol Darrince has a bit of a crush on their hands. I met someone a week ago, Coffee Creator Cellony, and even though I spent the first part of the first paragraph explicitly warning about doing something like this I have a plan to win em over by Valentine’s Day. In the extremely unlikely event that they actually read this blog I’m keeping the proverbial cards close to my chest. BUT, mark my words. By this time next week I’ll be celebrating the terrible cheesy holiday in earnest with the rest of you losers.

Stay Tuned

Love might not be a myth.

-Delivery Driver Darrince


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