Ok here we go. Blog time. Time to sit and make a blog post…

Alright well the three of you who read this regularly (I see the analytics I know who you are) may have noticed a pattern in my posts since the beginning of my time here. Weird concept that seems unrelated to our service for the first three quarters of the post with a slap dash last paragraph that brings it all together and allows me to use get paid for doing my night school creative writing homework. This one is going to be different. If I handed this in to Ms. Karminski, she would be very confused and disappointed. Mostly because todays homework was regarding iambic pentameter and this post is going to be more of a public service announcement about the cut off dates for getting Christmas orders in and less of a rhythmic poem or whatever iambic pentameter is (I’m gonna fail this course).

So anyway, here we go.



Tomorrow (December 21st) at 8am is the absolute last opportunity for Christmas orders. From the 22nd to the 27th I will not be schlepping through the wet winter holiday hell scape that the city devolves into just because you are a bad girlfriend and forgot to get something for Alex. He told me not to tell you what he got for you, so I won’t but, ho boy, you’re in trouble. I will however resume my schlepping on the 28th so If you want to send him an apology Brewquet for the terrible gift you end up getting him I can help you out then.

Anyways, Merry Season, Happy Festivities, Gladd Jule and whatever other seasonal greeting you subscribe to. See you on the other side.


(P.S. Sorry Ms Karminski I’ll have your dumb poetry assignment done tomorrow. )


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