It Ain't No Bummer

And then it was summer. Suddenly the winter ales with their malty sweetness and the stouts with their pitch dark soul warming thickness seem unappealingly heavy. Beers that pair nicely with a warm sweater and a dark apartment are suddenly completely preposterous when compared to something that would go with a light t-shirt in the park. So here’s five random Vancouver beers that I tend to fill a growler of and stuff into my bike panniers on those days that our planet reaches a point in it’s orbit around that ball of atomic explosions millions of miles away where its close enough that the weather reaches pleasantly warm temperatures at our current latitude and altitude.


Strange Fellows - Popinjay Dry Hopped Sour

You’re driving a mustang convertible down a winding seaside highway, wind blowing in your hair. You take a moment to gaze at the ocean hundreds of feet below you and notice a wave. A reef break forming off the next bend of the shoreline is forming a perfect overhead barreling wave. You blink and the wave is no longer hundreds of feet below you but you are inside of it, surfing. A perfect right hand wave with no imperfections, you soak up the light of the sunset reflecting and refracting off the bending water in front of you as well as through the wall of the barrel to you left. Suddenly the wave picks up and the barrel closes in front of you and you’re swallowed up by the ocean. Normally the experience would be frightening but this time it’s peaceful. After a moment you open your eyes and notice you’re not underwater but instead in a field surrounded by peacocks. You gaze deeply into the eyes of the one nearest you and it returns the look with a deeply intelligent stare. In its eyes swirl the answers to all of life’s questions but when queried the bird could only return a loud squawk. Perhaps another sip will reveal more…


Powel Brewery - Ode to Citra Pale Ale

Grass tickles the sides of your head as you gently awake on a warm sunny afternoon. Before you can open your eyes a light breeze brings a citrus scent wafting over your face and unbidden a smile forms on your lips. Without stirring you carefully open your eyes to reveal the scene above you. The sun that beats warm rays gently down upon your previously snoozing body has been replaced by a gigantic mango that fills the sky above you radiating tropical heat. Instead of the white fluffy clouds that you might normally see on a day like float giant passionfruit moving softly on the breeze. One moves between you and the radiant juicy sun and you’re filled with the most refreshing feeling of contentment and satisfaction. You close your eyes again and fall gently back to sleep as citra hops dance gracefully through your dreams.


Bridge Brewing - Side Cut IPA

The trees whip past you on both sides as you rip down the steep moss covered mountain biking trail. Normally moving this quickly on such a technical trail would bring feelings of anxiety but today is different. Your body seems to move almost independently of your mind, anticipating every root and rock, making minor adjustments to compensate. As a result, even though the route is the most technical you’ve ever attempted it feels smooth and natural. Any trepidation is replaced by pure exhilaration. You burst out of the hazy trees into a clearing and come to a stop in front of the shuttle waiting patiently at the bottom waiting to bring you back to the top. And the mountain is a big peach or something.


Off The Rail - Raj Mahal India Session Ale.

I really don’t want to dip into cultural appropriation or insensitivity with this one so… I dunno, build your own flowery metaphor. Lemongrass, lime leaf, citra hops. Big Aroma. Subtle Flavor. It’s a good one I promise.


Storm Brewing - Pineapple Paradise Pilsner.

Pineapple. Do not fear. There is no escape. Life. Death. Existance. Infinity. All is pineapple. All that ever was. All that ever will be. There is no escape.

Anyway, I hope that helps you pick out a couple of new beers you might not of tried yet. Just to be clear Brewquet doesn’t necessarily include any of these within our tastefully curated gifts although I can personally guarantee that any beers we do include will be equally as if not more flowery metaphor inspiring.


Your good personal friend,



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