Glad Mōdraniht

It is upon us! as the solstice inches ever closer and the subsequent Mōdraniht not far behind we are officially in the season of Yule. I hope you’ve all been hanging holly and other sharp and thorny plants to ward off malevolent spirts bent on devouring the young. Those young folk may just seem like extra mouths to feed now but when the spring planting season returns I promise you’ll be happy to have the extra hands. Of course that’s assuming everyone has been lighting enough candles to encourage the sun to return and end this time of darkness and cold. Until then get, the men together, chop down an old oak, drag it back to the homestead and set it ablaze in honour of Jólnir.


Of course the thing on everyone’s mind is the ritual feast. Honestly I could do without all of the bloodshed but upholding tradition is important. At least it ends with enough boiled deer to sustain the hamlet for several moons. Of course, before the feast can begin, toasts must be made to the Gods, all-mothers and the great and mighty King. Toasts such as these are far from a chore but it still it never hurts to have a couple hearty ales sloshing around inside to ease the nerves and lighten the spirits in these grim and cold months.


Nothing is worse than a dry ritual feast. If you can find the goodwill inside to help thy neighbour avoid such a fate it can be kind to provide some libations. But what a hassle! Gearing up an Ox to trudge through the winter cold all the way to the nearest market, haggling with the brewmaster and finally making the long journey up the mountain to the Donnerberg’s (who insist that living up there is worth it for the views but come on). Who can spare the time, we all have stables to muck. So this Yule, save yourself the effort and hire Brewquet, the best way to make this mostly awful season a little easier.


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