Five Seven Five

Some haiku’s for you,

my favourite customers,

Brewquet purchaser’s.

Hiaku’s seem easy
so hopefully this blog post
will be a good one.


Some of my blog post’s

have seemed a little half-assed

and I really need this.

Although then again,
it does not seem my boss reads
anything I write.

Sorry, I digress.

This should be about craft beer.

What more can be said.

Bitter and malty
hops, barley, water and wheat
balanced perfectly.

All lovingly brewed

Carbonated perfection

Bottled and packaged.

Carefully chosen
by our cicerone
and hand delivered.

Sometimes by my self.

Sometimes by other people.

Sometimes I do this.

Sometimes I wonder,
if life could be more than this?
Sitting in traffic.

Delivering joy.

Transferring love and beauty,

never receiving.

Could I be like you?
You standing in the door way
surprise beer in hand?

I can only hope

as I type these weird haiku’s

that my boss wont read.

On my phone’s note pad
stuck in this awful traffic
delivering beer.
Atcha boi


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