Brewquet’s Completely Impartial and Objective Guide to Fathers Day Gifts

Well, that time is nearly upon us (or it has already come and gone depending on when you read this). Every fathers third favourite day of the year right after first snowfall when he gets to use that new snow-clearing thing for the first time and the championship game day of whatever his favourite sport is. That’s right fathers day, the one day of the year when pops gets a little dang respect around here. And look at that, you still have enough time to get something nice for him to prove you aren’t a useless ungrateful child (Unless you are reading this after fathers day in which case you absolutely blew it). So here it is, “Brewquet’s Completely Impartial and Objective Guide to Fathers Day Gifts”.


1. A Mid-Size Brewquet (Kitsilano or Kensington)

I mean sure I work for Brewquet so obviously I’m going to include a Brewquet on the list of best Father’s Day Gifts but professional obligations aside this really is the perfect gift for pops. Does Dad really want more crap that he’s gonna have to find a place for in the garage? Of course not, it’s already a nightmare in there. Do you think he needs clothes? What are you crazy? He’s already done his annual shop at Costco. No, what he really wants is a cold beer and some tasty snacks. Well give him one of these bad boys and he won’t be complaining I’ll tell you that for free.


2.A Small Brewquet (Main Street or Inglewood)

I know there’s already a Brewquet on this list but that one was a contractual obligation. This one is a personal recommendation. Don’t get me wrong, The mid-size Brewquet’s are fantastic but when you think about it who’s the star of the show? The beers, duh. Cut the fat and give dad what he really wants some quality beers.


3. A Large Brewquet (Gastown or Bankview)

I feel bad about that last recommendation. Sure the small Brewquet’s are perfect for a small thank you or an apology (Again Karen I’m so sorry, I hope you enjoyed the beers) but this is FATHERS DAY. A day to celebrate the man that raised you! He gave so much for so long and continues to give everything he has to this day and what do you do for him? The smallest possible version of the best ever fathers day gift? Screw that. Go all out. Chocolate bars, Nuts, Jerky, and of course 5 big ass bottles of beer. You think he’s gonna drink all that beer himself? No, as soon as it’s cold he’s cracking it and pouring you a glass to enjoy as you sit in the back yard and remember all the great stuff you’ve done together. Truly a beautiful moment only possible with Brewquet.


4. A New Tool or Something

Does he do woodworking? I dunno get him a planer? Most people don’t have one of those. He’s your dad figure it out.


And there it is. Darrince saves the day yet again. Any single one of these gifts would be the perfect gift and you hardly had to think about it. You’re welcome.





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