25 Reasons To Buy A Brewquet for your Aunt

  1. Brewquet’s are carefully assembled by our in house Cicerone to be the perfect gift for the beer lovers in your life.
  2. Brewquets are assembled almost entirely from local goods which is good. Think local, yo.
  3. Your Aunt is a lovely woman and deserves a nice thing.
  4. Most of the very few parts of the Brewquet that aren’t local are, at least, Canadian made. True north strong and free baby.
  5. Isn’t her birthday in November? Was it early November, or late November.
  6. Your aunt loves anything tastefully curated. That’s like her whole thing.
  7. Maybe her birthday isn’t in November but Christmas is coming.
  8. Nearly everything included in every Brewquet is biodegradable or recyclable. No better taste than not frying to death because of pollution.
  9. Wait no, I think her birthday is, like, early November.
  10. Crap, crap, crap. You Aunt is going to be pissed.
  11. She gave you all those baked goods and you forgot her birthday. You really are a scumbag you know that right?
  12. Brequet’s include free delivery all over the Vancouver and Calgary.
  13. Oooooh god. Mom’s gonna kill you.
  14. Know your aunts favourite type of beer? Specify style preference at check out. Choose from Lager’s, IPA’s, Pale Ale’s or a Mix.
  15. Mom totally reminded you of the birthday and was like “You know she would really appreciate a little something from you.”
  16. Ordering a Brewquet is seriously such a small amount of effort and you still didn’t do it.
  17. You don’t have to deliver it in person and have to answer a bunch of questions about your boring job that she doesn’t understand.
  18. What’s so hard to believe about people paying me to do blog post’s MARGRET.
  19. Why did I pick 25 reasons? That’s way too many.
  20. Maybe I just send her one now and blame the delivery guy for it being late?
  21. No She’d never believe that. Brewquet’s are hand delivered. It’s not like it could get lost in the mail.
  22. You can add a bottle opener to make sure she can crack those tasty beers as soon as they’re cold. Your Aunt is a classy lady it’s not like she’s going to open it with a lighter like you do, you street trash.
  23. You suck.
  24. I hate you.
  25. Brewquet’s can also include other goodies like nuts and chocolate.


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